Online Mixing

Online Mixing & Mastering

Affordable Online Mixing1-Firsly, I’m going to listen your music with an analytical perspective, looking for the main imperfections and trying to visualize how to reach the goals that you have sent me in yours guidelines.

2-Track cleanup, Noise Gating ir order to remove any kind of noise or undesirable sound.

*Online mixing doesn’t include manual editing. Explain me your particular situation for establishing the extra cost.

3- Balancing each individual track’s volume.

4-Spatial placement of instruments, I try to make the best of the Stereo without loose the punch and the strength of the song.

5.Equalization according to the location each instrument in his appropriate range inside the frequency spectrum.

7.Effective Compression without loose the song’s dynamic

6- Adding effects to enhance sound.

Affordable Online Mixing Toki Beats7-Volume, pan, effects, and master bus automation.

8-If you required, I can make the Mastering’s process in order to prepare the song to the standard music industry parameters.

You can check my Bio and Equipment in ‘About Me’ Section.

How it works

1-Send to a Wetransfer’s Delivery or Download’s Link with the audio tracks (preferably Wav files 44.1Khz/24bits).

Remember add a text explaining what kind of sound are you looking for and others guidelines.  

Of course, you can add links from the songs that you would like to emulate.

2.When I receive the pack with your files, I will send you a Papal’s receipt.

3.Right after this receipt is paid, I’ll start to work following yours orders.

4.In less than 48 hours you will receive a high quality preview of the final product for review and comments.

5.You will receive the product finished according with yours orders.

Mixer Cubase 7


Prepare you mix.

CLA 3A PLUGIN compressor limiter1.Due to the Audio’s Software diversity you will need to bounce out tracks as WAV or AIFF files. I recommend Wav 44.1Khz/24bits as it’s and stander inside the industry, but if you are already using another format, that’s fine. Consult the user documentation for your DAW for explicit instructions for bouncing tracks.

2.Be sure to leave ample headroom and avoid clipping when preparing your tracks for delivery to us. It’s easy to introduce distortion when bouncing tracks and we won’t be able to remove it, so please take great care here.

3.Most importantly, make sure each audio file is bounced from the beginning of the session, even if that means there is blank space. This way, everything will line up correctly when I import the files into my DAW.

4-Also, please remove any effects such as reverbs or delays. The only exception to this is if it is an effect that is an integral part of the sound (for example a sweeping filter on a synth).



Online Mixing : 30$ (30 audios tracks/5 minutes limit)

Extra track : 1$

Manual Editing : Consult

Mastering : 10$


Send yours audio tracks to!



Liam January 15th, 2016

This guy is totally professional, he was very careful through the whole process. I’m already sure we’ll repeat in the future.

juninho January 20th, 2016

i need mix e master, how bussiness days to make?

juninho February 1st, 2016

hey bro i want make 4 tracks mix, can u do it ?

tokibeats April 12th, 2016

Hi, of course. Sorry about the late but it’s better for me if you use the contact’s section or send the tracks to the email address

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