For the stage of Production, in my own Home Studio:

  • Mack Book Pro.
  • Professional Audio DAW Steinberg Cubase 7.5
  • Hardware controller Maschine Mikro.
  • I like to add a quality touch to my Instrumentals playing and recording real instruments, I always count on my digital piano Yamaha P-35 B and my electric guitar.
  • A big collection of VSTi like Massive, Sylenth, Trillian, Addictive Drums etc. I always move away from standard presets.
  • For my drums I never use loops. I record the sounds by myself or customize sounds obtained from high quality libraries.
Piano, Guitars, KRK Monitors, Maschine

Some of my Home Studio Equipment


For the stage of Mixing and Mastering I’m lucky  that I can use the School of Audio Engineer’s installations, where I have access to the best high-end equipments:

  • Mix Console Solid Stage Logic G4000+
  • Speakers: Mackie HR8, Genelec HT315b
  • Rack effects: SPL Channel One, Focusrite Red 3, Focusrite Liquid Channel, Lexicon MX300 etc.


Mixer Console

Mixing a Beat with SSL Mix Console